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What is Auger Drilling

Auger drilling is a drilling technique used in various industries, including construction, geology, environmental science, and agriculture. It involves the use of a specialized drilling tool called an auger, which consists of a rotating helical screw blade or bit that is attached to a shaft. The primary purpose of auger drilling is to create holes or boreholes in the ground for various purposes, such as soil sampling, environmental testing, foundation construction, and more.

Here are some of the common services PM Civil uses Auger drilling for:

  • Piering: Drilling of vertical holes on a site which will later be filled with concrete to strengthen and support the foundation or structures.
  • Soil Sampling: Auger drilling is often used in environmental and geotechnical investigations to collect soil samples for analysis. The auger removes soil from the ground, allowing researchers to examine soil composition, texture, and contaminants.
  • Environmental Site Assessments: Environmental consultants and scientists use auger drilling to assess the presence of contaminants or potential environmental hazards in the soil or groundwater. It helps in determining the extent of contamination and planning remediation efforts.
  • Environmental Remediation: Auger drilling can be employed during environmental cleanup efforts to remove contaminated soil or to install remediation systems, such as groundwater monitoring wells or soil vapor extraction systems.
  • Post-Hole Digging: In construction and agriculture, auger drilling is used to create holes for fence posts, signposts, or planting trees and shrubs. This saves time and effort compared to manual digging.

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Auger drilling is often more cost-effective than other drilling methods, such as rotary or diamond core drilling. It requires less equipment and manpower, making it a cost-efficient choice for many projects.


Auger drilling can be a relatively fast drilling method, especially in soft to moderately hard soils. The auger's design allows for efficient material removal.


Auger drilling can be used in a wide range of soil and geological conditions, including clay, silt, sand, gravel, and some rock formations. Different auger types and sizes can be chosen to suit specific ground conditions.

Minimal Environmental Impact

Auger drilling generates less waste material compared to some other drilling methods. It also creates smaller boreholes, which can be advantageous in environmental monitoring or geotechnical investigations.

Minimal Vibrations and Noise

Auger drilling typically produces lower levels of vibration and noise compared to methods like percussion drilling. This is especially important in urban or sensitive environmental areas.

Foundation Construction

Auger drilling is often employed in the installation of foundations for structures such as houses, bridges, and utility poles. It can also be used to create boreholes for piers and piles.


Auger drilling allows for precise control of borehole depth and diameter, making it suitable for applications where accuracy is essential.

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