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What is Trenching

Excavation and trenching are construction and excavation methods used to dig into the ground to create openings for various purposes. These methods are commonly used in construction, utility installation, landscaping, and archaeological excavation, among other applications.

Types of trenching services:

  • Utility Trenching: This is one of the most common types of trenching services. It involves digging trenches to install or repair utilities such as AGG pipes, gas, water, power and communication lines.
  • Foundation Trenching: Foundation trenching is done to create trenches for building foundations. It's a crucial step in construction projects, as it provides a stable base for the structure.
  • Excavation Trenching: Excavation trenches are used for general excavation purposes, such as digging for basements, swimming pools, or other large-scale projects that require significant earth removal.
  • Ditching: Ditching involves digging shallow, long trenches for drainage purposes, typically to manage surface water runoff or irrigation.
  • Open Cut Trenching: Open cut trenching is used when the trench needs to be wide and deep, often for laying large-diameter pipes or conduits. It's more extensive and disruptive than other trenching methods.
  • Microtrenching: Microtrenching is a method that involves creating narrow, shallow trenches, usually for laying fiber optic cables or other small-diameter utility lines. It is less disruptive to the surface and faster to complete than traditional open-cut trenching.
  • Rock Trenching: In areas with rocky terrain, specialized equipment and techniques are used to trench through hard rock and create openings for utilities or foundations.
  • Cable Trenching: Cable trenching is specifically for burying cables, such as those used for electrical power distribution, data transmission, or telecommunications.
  • Trench Shoring and Safety: Trenching services also include ensuring the safety of workers inside trenches by implementing trench shoring and support systems to prevent collapses and cave-ins.
  • Drainage Systems: Trenching services are essential for installing drainage systems like AGG pipes, culverts, ditches, and stormwater management features to prevent flooding and erosion.

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Utility Installation

Trenching is commonly used for the installation of utilities such as AGG pipes, gas, water, power and communication lines. It provides a method for burying these essential services underground, ensuring a safe and efficient distribution of resources.

Efficient and Precise

Trenching allows for precise and controlled excavation, making it easier to lay utilities in a straight line and at the required depth. This efficiency reduces the risk of damage to existing infrastructure and minimizes disruptions to the surrounding area.

Environmental Preservation

Trenching minimizes surface disruption compared to open-cut excavation methods. This can help preserve the natural landscape, reduce soil erosion, and minimize the impact on vegetation and ecosystems in the area.


In many cases, trenching can be a cost-effective option for utility installation, especially when compared to more intrusive methods like open-cut excavation. It requires less labor and equipment, which can translate into lower project costs.

Speed of Installation

Trenching services can often be completed more quickly than other excavation methods. This speed can be particularly important for minimizing disruptions in urban areas where traffic flow or business operations need to be maintained.

Precision Depth Control

Trenching equipment allows for precise control of the trench depth, ensuring that utilities are installed at the correct level to meet regulatory standards and safety requirements.

Minimal Surface Restoration

Since trenching disturbs less surface area compared to open excavation, there is often less need for extensive surface restoration after the project is completed, saving time and resources.

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